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  • A free public, micro, charter school in the Washington, DC

    for Elementary k - 5 sTUDENTS

    Community Micro Schools (CMS) is a micro charter school network in the Washington, D. C. region that focuses on providing inquiry-based learning in intimate and highly collaborative educational spaces.


    Beginning with K-2nd grade and adding one grade per year, CMS will provide a unique, personalized educational experience that integrates best practices from schools across the country, preparing students to be leaders, entrepreneurs and active citizens in our technology-driven world. CMS’ learning model will leverage a curriculum built around traditional subjects with the critical inclusion of STEAM as the core content.

    Through skill-building small groups, individual coaching, personalized practice and project-based work, students will develop critical thinking skills, a set of capabilities that can be flexibly applied to succeed in four year college and a variety of practical fields.




    The learning structure is project-based to enhance students' critical thinking and cognitive processing skills; this teaches students to solve complex problems and develop new ideas to improve their community and society at large.



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    Micro Classrooms

    What We're Made Of

    CMS will provide egalitarian and progressive small learning spaces with opportunities for students to develop the leadership and entrepreneurial skills needed to become productive community members.

    CMS will also nurture the natural talents and personality of each child as he or she develops the academic skills required to excel at whatever they choose to do in their community. Furthermore, CMS will institute a professional development program for its Academic Coaches, to elevate and maintain their ability to provide a high level of teaching excellence to students.


    Project-Based Learning for Skill Building

    Improve Reading and Math Skills

    At CMS, every child will take a rigorous core disciplines including math, reading, science and social studies starting at Kindergarten through 8th grade. Our pedagogy and content model will cultivate critical thinking skills and focus on STEAM projects that require students to apply skills across CMS’s core disciplines. Students will work through inquiry-based projects at their own pace and take assessments on demand. They will study in 6 week themes and work with teachers to set short-term and long-term goals and connect these projects back to their daily actions within each theme. Also, each course will align to Common Core State Standards and advance character skills and mindsets necessary for success in the 21st century. Research guides that the number one predictor of student achievement is teacher quality. Teachers will combine a deep well of content knowledge and specialization to address instructional challenges in collaboration with other teachers, students, and families.


  • Who are we

    Community Micro Schools is founded by educators and community leaders. We are dedicated to student success in all areas of development including academic, social, emotional, and community-based.


    Keisha Bolaji

    Founder, and Executive Director

    Educator for 14 years